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How do I sign up for classes?


You can sign up for this class by clicking on the class on our calendar. You can drop in to any of the other classes that are offered at both locations.  Drop-ins are $15. All class packages can be purchased here



What should I wear and bring to class?


We recommend that you wear comfortable workout clothes.  You may wear cross-trainer shoes but dance sneakers such as ones by Reebok, Nike and Zumba are recommended.  Bring a water bottle and a towel but if you ever forget, we provide complimentary water bottles and towel service. On days when we do after-class ab workouts, we recommend you bring your own yoga mat.


I've never taken Zumba® or any dance fitness class before, what should I expect?


Expect to sweat, have lots of fun, and meet new friends.  We provide a friendly and inviting environment.  There is no wrong way in our dance fitness classes and we love when students "rock it out" their own way. 


Can I bring my own weights to the Zumba Toning class?


Yes!  Make sure they are 3 lbs or less for your safety.  If you have never taken a toning class before, we have some toning sticks you can borrow in class.  You may also purchase them from the instructor.  You are never obligated to use weights.  You may use your own body resistance and still get a great workout from class!


Do you provide childcare?


At this time, we do not provide childcare.  You are welcome to bring your children to class with you as long as they can sit and not be disruptive.  This is for the safety of both the children and the participants.


Is the music kid-friendly?


While we try to make an effort not to play a lot of music with obvious profanity, there are some songs that have adult language or content. Please note this when deciding if you are comfortable bringing your child to class.

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