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Our goal is to keep our classes relaxing and enjoyable, and to provide a peaceful place for everyone. As such, here are some guidelines to make everyone as comfortable as possible while attending.


Arrive on Time - We value everyone’s busy schedule, so please arrive on time. It is difficult to start the class without a majority of people there, plus we often have important announcements we don't want you to miss. We understand that sometimes people run late due to unforeseen circumstances, so please enter quietly as to not disrupt the class. If you must leave early, let the instructor know before class or wave as you are leaving so we know that everything is okay.

Class Spot - A spot in the class is first come first serve. If you enter class late and you want a certain spot, politely ask if you can take that spot. If not, please find another space in the class. We ask that you be respectful of each other. 


Chit-Chat - We love your enthusiasm in our classes. The more you get into it, the more we do! But please keep the chit-chat with friends for before/after class. Give yourself and others a chance to get lost in the music!


Personal Hygiene - We work out in the same space. Please make sure you’re making the experience as enjoyable as possible for your fellow classmates by remembering to use deodorant/antiperspirant and using a towel as needed. Our classes can be strenuous and it’s normal for us to get sweaty. Please also refrain from wearing heavy perfume to class. Make sure you are respecting others by keeping sweat and odors to yourself. We provide towel service if you ever forget to bring one.


Stay Hydrated - As the warmer weather is rapidly approaching, it's important to remember to drink lots of water. We usually don’t stop during class so please take as many water breaks as you need. Make sure you hydrate before, during, and after class. We have extra water available in classes!


Respect Personal Space - Fitness classes involve various movements, some of which require more space. Please pay attention when moving around the class so you don’t run into anybody, especially when classes are crowded.


Follow The Instructor - We work hard to bring you enjoyable songs and fun choreographies. While we welcome each person's unique style and flair in class, we ask you to keep other instructor's choreographies out of class. Using choreographies from other fitness classes can distract or confuse other students.


Exercise For Progress Not Perfection - By taking small, slow steps you can set attainable goals for yourself. Remember as well that appearance is not everything and although your workout may not be visible from the outside, you are still improving your state of health. Celebrate when you reach your goals and let us know too so we can celebrate with you!

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